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The lobby is the start page of the event, here you can find the agenda, what is live right now and practical information.

This is the main stage where the SIF studio, keynotes and plenum panels are taking place. You can interact on the stage via chat and by answering polls. 

In this area you can find sessions that are live, they will appear 5 minutes before starting time according to the agenda.

Speed date
Try out our mingle area, you will be randomly connected to other attendees in the event that are also speed dating.

In this area you will find our clinics and experiences.


All rooms and areas have chats, and you can always take part in the event chat. I.e in a session you can switch between the session chat and the event chat. A notification will be shows as a red dot when a chat have been updated.

Under “people” you can view all attendees in the event or in a specific room. You can get more information about them by clicking their name, and you can also start a direct chat conversation with that person or invite and schedule a video call.

Group call
When scheduling a video call with an attendee you can include up to four other people to create a group video chat.

Notices/direct messages
At the top right of the screen you can view your notifications, under the bell symbol. Any direct messages sent to you appear under the paper plane symbol.

Participate in a session
If you want to participate in a session, you can request sharing your video and audio. Click the button on top of the session ”Share video and audio”. The moderator will now be notified and asked to approve your request. When the moderator approves your video and audio it will be visible to everyone attending the session.

Technical support

If you experience problems watching the stage, while in the stage, scroll down the page to find more information on how to solve this.

You can also visit our clinic Technical support SIF21. You will find it under Clinics/experience during the whole event.

Here you can find some general trouble shooting tips