Photo: Christopher Neu


Stockholm Internet Forum 2023 (SIF23) will be held in Stockholm, May 30-31. To participate in the conference, you will need an invitation.

The theme for the SIF23 is the Role of the Internet and ICT during Crises, Conflicts and Disasters. The event is a conference in Stockholm where Sida partners, civil society, organisations, policymakers, companies and academia will be able to share and transfer knowledge and to network.

The contribution of participants plays a fundamental role in the outcome of the forum. Check out the programme here on the website. For those of you who will not be in Stockholm, the opening sessions will be broadcast live.

Thank you

Stockholm Internet Forum 2023 has come to an end but the discussions on the role of the internet and ICT during crises, conflicts, and disasters continue and are more important than ever. SIF23 gathered nearly 500 highly relevant actors of change including a range of NGOs, human rights defenders, humanitarians, policymakers and private sector actors. The participants’ contributions were a fundamental part of the success of the forum where the theme of the role of internet was unpacked in different constellations; panels, mingles, world café, and over meals. 

Documentation from the forum such as streaming of the sessions and interviews with participants will be made available here at the webpage. You can also follow the trending on Twitter in Sweden during Stockholm Internet Forum at @fxinternet and #SIF23. 

Thank you for co-creating SIF with us.